Hospitality Solutions

Providing innovative solutions to improve certain touchpoints of guest journey

Smart Integration

Hospitality Chromecast

Mobile Key

Network Design

Report & Management

Voice Activated Control

Supporting smart technology needs

from entertainment to sustainability to support your needs

Hospitality In-Room Entertainment

In-room Entertainment solutions offer personalized content that is instantly accessible and, importantly, doesn’t require any staff assistance. Our platform provide a user-friendly experience that won’t frustrate guests.

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Customize Interactive & Interface

Safely streamline guest communication and requests via contactless virtual concierge, mobile apps, and voice-activated devices. The customize interactive program improves processes, brand value, and guest satisfaction.

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Technology Integration

Create a clear, safer guest experience where guests can control the amenities including commonly touched surfaces such as lights, drapes, thermostats and TVs in their room, via voice or the transforming of guest personal devices into virtual remotes.

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Stream 2000+ Apps


Connect to Multi Devices

Secure Guest Friendly


Reporting and Monitoring

24 / 7 call support

Seamless Tech Connections

Give your guests a personalized smart hotel’s experience

Network Design

The designed cabling system ensures the cable is in the right location you need that the high-demand devices can be connected to the network by cable and free your Wi-Fi for portable devices.

Wi-Fi Coverage

Reliable WiFi Coverage is the most important hotel amenity. Our design is always based on the size of your hotel to reach the best WiFi strength. Let your guests consume the content they love from the comfort of their rooms.

Hotel Management Platform

The TSA Hotel Management platform allows hotel managers to view room reservations, show guests check-in /out schedules and guest special requirements. But it also shows the lights on/off in the room, sets room temperature before guests get into, and shows the power level of the door lock via integrated technologies.

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